Looney Boppers а group of professional musicians from St. Petersburg, who decided to put the same ragged, raw, nasty, raunchy and cheeky sound of roaring 50's. Rockabilly, Exotica, Trash, Limbo & Wild Rock-N-Roll. looneyboppers

Of the accumulated material they released the album  - "Jungle Party". Musicians dig its inspiration in the old, forgotten records of the last century, which have long rest in the Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame.The time when burlesque was a real anti Art, B movies, fast Hot Rod cars, motorcycle gangs, underground parties & bars, local concerts, sex, erotic and exotic, this was accompanied by the sounds of extremely dangerous music called Rock-N-Roll ...

The group comprises not less known characters of the Club (and not only ) scene of St. Petersburg musicians known for work with many groups in the country and abroad.
(Such as The Swindlers,The Millions, Messer Chups, Spitfire, Leningrad, SPB Ska Jazz Review, Awaqua, Super Special, Garage Monsters, Stunning Jivesweets, and so on).

All this is rampant Looney Boppers, whose concerts are filled with fiery, wild energy of roaring tube amplifiers and authentic guitars

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